01/15/2016 | Tag : Performance file size memory

preview 3DViewStation V2016

3DViewStation v2016 will be released soon. Although 3DViewStation has been fast already, we did significant improvements again: reducing load times of about 50%, reducing files size as 3DVS by 20%-30%, reducing memory consumption by 60%-70%, making overall handling of large assemblies easier on less powerful devices..

02/17/2015 | Tag : integration Performance Preview cloud webviewer browser api bandwidth fast

Preview: Kisters WebViewer version 2015

We are making progress on the release of our WebViewer 2015 version.
This is a completely rewritten Browser / Cloud viewer providing these highlights:

  • runs as fast as the Desktop version
  • can work on native CAD files or 3DVS file format – for top performance
  • provides same APIs as Desktop product
  • 3D data secured: pure server side rendering

So we are breaking barriers: even mobile users now can get access to all CAD data, even with low bandwidth and large assemblies, allowing to perform same analyses as on Desktop.

05/16/2013 | Tag : section Release Importer Performance filter V12 exporter

3DViewStation V12.0 release

We are pround to announce our 3DViewStation V12.0 release. These are the most important changes:

  • significant performance increase in 3DVS-loadtimes:
    5 GB Catia as 3DVS in 1s, 20.000 parts SolidEdge as 3DVS in 1s.
  • significant performance increase in native CAD and standard fileformat reading mode
  • new importers: NX 8.5, Rhino
  • new exporter: JT, VRML
  • section: define section plane by clicking on a face of an object
  • improvements on filtering-function:
    added filtering by object-type, i.e by plane or wire
    filtering by color: allow to select multiple colors
  • display boundingboxes of all objects in one step
  • annotations and markups are now associated with geometries
  • delete annotations via backspace key
  • improved handles to move and rotate objects

With the current set of functions and features the 3DViewStation is the perfect tool for usage in sales, marketing, review processes, change management, work preparation and technical documentation.

04/26/2013 | Tag : Performance Preview V12 turbo

3DViewStation V12: 3D-CAD-Viewer Bi-Turbo

We are announcing our next release, Kisters 3DViewStation V12, which is expected in the next weeks. 3DViewStation V11 has been fast already, but 3DViewStation V12 got a bi-turbo and shows a significant performance increase again, for native CAD viewing as well as for working on our internal 3DVS-fileformat:  a 5 GB(!) Catia V5 assembly will now load in  only 1 second on a notebook, and also a 20.000 parts SolidEdge assembly will load in only 1 second.
You will read about other improvements regarding V12 soon.

07/25/2012 | Tag : 64-bit Performance native CAD 3DVS 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation V11 Performance Demo

We did a new movie, as several customers had asked for a perfomance demo: load a native ProE assembly 600 MB in 1 min 20 sec or – after translation into our internal fileformat 3DVS – in 2 sec only. The video has not been cutted – so completely real time.