03/31/2017 | Tag : 3DViewStation webviewer web viewer visualization viewer server side rendering Performance navigation localization

3DViewStation WebViewer v2017.0 Release

We have done a new 3DViewStation WebViewer version V2017.0 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version can be tested online.

  • File formats:
  • New: SolidEdge ST9
  • New: Solidworks 2017
  • New: NX 11
  • New: HiCAD
  • Functions:
  • New: multi-language, ribbon based, MS Office like user interface (UI)
  • New: use materials for photo realistic rendering
  • New: apply a background image
  • New: apply a Skybox to influence reflections
  • Enhanced: significantly advanced vectorization, supporting multiple views, blocks, layers and 2D output to DXF
  • Enhanced: performance & handling for ultra large assemblies:
    • multi-threaded 3DVS file format loading
    • set minimum frame rate
    • progressive load: start rendering while still loading
    • No external graphics adapter required any more to achieve fast display.

01/02/2013 | Tag : Release V11.4 surface navigation 3d-pdf read search-paths volume

3DViewStation V11.4 Release

Mid december we released V11.4 of our 3DViewStation Desktop version. It ships with several new features and enhancements, i.e.:

  • new importers: Catia V5 R22, Catia V6 2013, Solidworks 2013, SolidEdge ST5
  • new importer: 3D-PDF, for U3D and PRC, Tesselation and BREP
  • volume calculation (BREP mode)
  • surface calculation (BREP mode)
  • multiple clicks on object select next higher assembly level in tree
  • define multiple search paths incl. recursions
  • define floating format precision
  • define default render-mode
  • improved handles to move and rotate objects

With the current set of functions and features the 3DViewStation is the perfect tool for usage in sales, marketing, review processes, change management, work preparation and technical documentation.

3DViewStation V11.4 release overview EN