09/18/2012 | Tag : 3d-mouse BOM filter cad-attribute stückliste 3d annotation 3d markup 3d maus 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation V11.3 videos

We posted a video demonstrating the new features of 3DViewStation V11.3. Find english version here.

3DViewStation V11.3 Überblick DE

08/28/2012 | Tag : markup annotation 11.3 Preview 3d-mouse BOM filter cad-attribute 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation V11.3 PreView

We are close to the  3DViewStation 11.3 release, providing many new capabilities. Today we would like to present a screenshot  showing a few of them: CAD-attribute reading, BOM, filtering of objects, annotations, markups, dimensions, 3D-mouse support…